How to Install a Fish Finder on Your Kayak

In my previous post, I wrote about the benefits of fishing from a kayak. If you took my advice, or plan on doing so this season, you may want to install a fish finder in the future. How do you do it? I am glad you asked!

The fish finder I have is made for your typical fishing boat, and the challenge is to install it without drilling holes, or drilling as little as possible. With kayaks specifically designed for fishing, they often have provisions to easily add one on. Sit-on top style kayaks can be easier sometimes as well, by using one of the scupper holes, if equipped. Sit-inside kayaks, like mine for example, are a little more challenging. My video below shows how I installed mine with almost no drilling. I did do some drilling when it came to the screen, but not the transducer. I also offer a couple of tips on how you could possibly do it without any drilling at all.

With some schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings, black spray paint, a few basic hand tools and hardware, and a little creativity, you can install one too. I’m not saying mine is the best setup, but it works very well for me, and I have had no problems so far. There are many videos and websites with some ideas, but I wasn’t interested in many of the designs so I came up with my own. Maybe you will be interested in mine!

All kayaks are different, so maybe some of my method won’t apply, or help you out. Feel free to ask me any questions on the install, I’ll offer any help I can!

I hope to see you on the water!

My intro and outro are a little hard to hear, I was still learning to use my camera, but the important parts are better!

Ben Magee

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My name is Ben Magee, I am a fishing and outdoor enthusiast, and have my Registered Maine Guide's license. I live in Levant with my family, and have lived in this town for most of my life. I have also spent a lot of my life in the next town over, in Stetson, at my family's camp on Stetson Pond. This is like a second home to me and many of my upcoming videos will feature this pond.